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Description of Projects completed by me.

Brief description projects Completed/In progress
  • Determination of Geometrical Percolation Threshold of Overlapping Ellipsoids for Gaussian Distribution of Aspect Ratio.:
    Project Guide: Dr. Ajai Jain , Dr. Y. M. Joshi.
    Duration: December 2005 to till date.
    In this project we are trying to extend the available results for transport prop- erties of random multiphase materials with respect to percolation threshold. We are working to determine the geometrical percolation threshold of over- lapping ellipsoids when the aspect ratio of prolates follow a Gaussian Dis- tribution. We plan to numerically compute the percolation threshold using simulation on parallel cluster.

  • Implementation of a Toolkit for Reversible Process Algebras.:
    Project Guide: Dr. Jean-Jacques Levy, Jean Krivine.
    Duration: May 2005 to July 2005.
    I did work as my summer internship. Main purpose of this toolkit was to simulate reversible distributed systems with communication channels. It was based on Reversible Concurrent Communicating System(RCCS, CON- CUR'04). It was implemented in OCaml.

  • Formal Methods in Mobile Computing:
    Project Guide: Dr. R. K. Ghosh.
    Duration: July 2005 to December 2005.
    In this study project we studied various formal approaches currently applied in the field of Mobile Computing. Later part of work focussed mainly on Mobile UNITY and we gave a specification of Cellular IP in Mobile UNITY.

  • C Compiler:
    Project Guide: Dr. S. K. Aggarwal.
    Duration: December 2004 to May 2005.
    As a course project in Compiler Design we are implemented a C com- piler. We are implementing a subset of ANSI-C which included loops, functions, pointers, arrays, struct , recursion and dynamic memory allocation.

  • Sorting Network :
    Project Guide: Dr. R. K. S. Rathore.
    Duration: July 2004 to December 2004.
    In this project we studied various aspects of Sorting Network and gave a pre- sentation at the end of the semester. Special emphasis was laid on possibility of parallelizing the algorithms and exploring the possibility of modification to existing algorithms to make them more efficient.

  • Real Time Fingerprint Verification System
    Project Guide: Dr. P. Gupta.
    Duration: February 2003 to December 2003.
    Using 'Filter-bank based Fingerprint Matching' we developed a system to match the fingerprint of an user against his fingerprint stored in the database in real time. System's performance with respect to matching percentage and time taken equals state of the art in this field.

  • Design and Implementation for integration of Multi-modal System
    Project Guide: Dr. P. Gupta.
    Duration: July 2004 to December 2004.
    It was a hands on project where in we had to design and implement network interconnecting heterogeneous modules of Multi-modal Biometric Verifica- tion System which shared data and information. Modules were coordinated and controlled by a central server which also worked as file sever.

  • Extending Nachos:
    Project Guide: Dr. Deepak Gupta.
    Duration: July 2004 to December 2004.
    This was done as a part of Operating Systems Course wherein we enhanced the capability of a bare bones operating system. In the process we imple- mented features like synchronisation support, process management, priority scheduling, minimal system call API, multi tasking and demand paging.

  • Banking Software:
    Project Guide: Dr. Amitabha Mukherjee.
    Duration: July 2002 to December 2002.
    This was done as a course project in the course Introduction to Computing. Software system was implemented in Java with em- phasis on Object Oriented Programming. But it was more of a introductory course level language project.

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