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Linux is obsolete ! -- A. S. T.
My Linux Page.

I have done most of my programming on Linux, you wont get much of flaming here typical of operating system X vs operating system Y typical stuff on such pages. I use it because I find it powerful and flexible (complex?) enough and I am really very comfortable with it. I plan to put some .rc files here and some of my experiences which might be useful to others, but not much right now, why ? Because I have to get the skeleton for my homepage in place first.

I am noting some tips mostly intended for power users vimmers , but should be useful for others too.
List of Topics
  • Short notes about .procmailrc.
  • Some tips about mutt.
  • True type fonts in debian.
  • Vga in linux.
  • Boot splash in Debian.
  • Use of Module assistant in Debian.
  • Reminding yourself.
  • Tweaking knoppix live cd.
  • Encrypted file systems.
  • Using file as swap.
  • Programmable commandline completions in bash.
  • Enhancing cd command with cdargs and CDPATH.
  • Some fancy bash prompts.
  • Splitvt command.
  • Operations on pdf file in linux.
  • Some useful and handy commands.
  • Why I use Linux :

  • Some fancy bash prompts.
  • Some useful and handy commands.
  • screen
  • Why I use Linux :
  • Why I use Linux : Though I started loving/using Linux because of philosophical reasons and my initial percept that Linux is more powerful than hugely popular operating systems from Redmond (I must confess that this perception was based mainly on flexibility of command line interface, expectedly and of course to start with I didn't have much idea about the internals of Operating Systems/Operating Systems itself). But over the time my shift has been towards pragmatic reasons, I no more argue with friends about superiority of one OS over another (except for times when I am really in light mood and have considerable amount of time to waste ). My official version as of now is that one should stick with OS which (s)he feels comfortable with. Since in the end they are meant to give developers and users a convenient and productive environment to work with. That said, one thing I really find good about Linux that we get a feeling of what is going on, inside the box and how and not that "some magic happens", and after some blues you also start feeling (slightly?) more powerful. Agreed that at times it may be difficult to get everything working more so if you are new to this part of world, but after due effort it is doable and in the process you learn and probably get hooked to it, but only if you slog. That's all for now, I won't stretch it more.
    I should have and put this link on my link page but in free time you may have a look at this site Linux Counter, you may not be a regular Linux user, doesn't matter, or if you are really short of time, have a look at their wish list on page the page Ten years and still counting.

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