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"My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there." --Indira Gandhi
(Almost)All You Wanted to Know About Me.

If you have come through main page of my home page, you know that I am a junior undergraduate at Department of Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kanpur, India. Let me sketch myself out in case you don't know me - I am mild mannered guy , psychological tests found in text books and popular magazines generally find me to be a bit reserve(of course you may or may not find so!). I like buying books ( and sometimes reading them too!).I am somewhat passionate about idiot box also known as Computer. Cleanly designed big software systems fascinate me, by the way I am yet to be involved with really big systems but hope to get hands on experience in near future may be in current/later year of may studies or may be after that. I generally prefer working on Linux its command-line interface combined with powerful editor Vim makes working on computer fun, though some of us may not agree with this. Its getting geeky lets change the course . I am eldest among my siblings. My younger brother is a Computer Science major at IIT Roorkee. Younger sister is trying to get through competitive exams (Good luck to her.). I prefer listening to old Hindi songs and also watch cricket matches(if the nonexistent thing called free time is there), prefer casual dresses and so on. Probably this is a good place to 'advertise(!)' that I am a reasonably good volleyball player but haven't played it for quite long, hopefully I'll get back to it soon. I like kidding with kids, thats real fun, probably unmatched by anything else. My idea of happiness comprises of being in the company of family members, friends. Working in a team with cooperating and sincere members is real fun too.By the way I spend most of my time on computer difficult to say why (please let me know if u can suggest some plausible reason !TIA(that is for Thanks In Advance in case you don't know this jargon.)). I also have a blog page and I have been planning for quite sometime to write something over there. Before leaving I'd like to add that I have a terrific hand writing ... sorry that was a typing mistake it should have been "I have a terrible handwriting." , at times it's to figure out what I have written in lecture notes. Thats all for the time being I'll try to add more here soon. In the mean time you may have a look at other sections my home page. It seems I have woken up, there is something more, earlier I maintained a page called my favourites, indicating few things I like/love/admire/am crazy about. One fine day I decided to move the contents of that page over here. So here it goes

Computing :
Editor : Vim - I don't like it I love it.
OS : Any Unix clone will do, more familiar with Linux- particulary Debian.
Language : Which one from C++, Java and C depends on problem. Recently I also learnt OCaml and it is amazing.
Browser :Firefox, earlier I used Galeon; Elinks for readable sites.
Mail reader : Mutt, Thunderbird.
News reader : slrn.
livejouranl client : charm , at times I also use logjam
Spell Checker : aspell
Shell :bash
Scripting language : shell script is pretty handy for day to day use in unix setup. For development purpose PHP and Pythone have their place.
Pager : more or less it has to be less.
Image utility : xfig.(I know Gimp and ImageMagic have lot more but I all need is something to draw few rectangles join them by line segments sometimes having arrow at one end ...). Recently I also came across dia and umbrello they looked good.
Document Preparation Utility : Latex
Audio player : mplayer, I generally use mplay as its front end. I'll pick amarok (for gui) and pytone for CLI as the ones with good front-end and vux is the best random player I have come across. zinf too is ok and mpd's architecture deserves a mention.
Color Scheme : Green on black
Audio file editor : Sox, Rezound
Window Manager : e17
Desktop environment : Now I hardly use Desktop Environments. Before switching to window managers I used gnome.
Screensaver : euphoria and flurry (in that order)

Miscellaneous :
Song : Gali mein chand nikla. (From Hindi movie Zakhm).
Movie : Life is Beautiful.
Cricket :
Batsman : Rahul Dravid.
Bowler : I know Irfan Pathan is a sensation but my pick will be Zaheer or Srinath.
Captain : Sourav Ganguly.
Upcoming Player : Sikhar Dhawan.

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