Week 5 – flame.jpg

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It should be self explanatory :) To add more context – it was taken in my kitchen.


Week 4 – bird at Mysore zoo

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A bit delayed post but hopefully good enough to compensate for the delay. The while lines are actually cage wires . If you are a bird lover and know the name of this bird do leave a comment.


Week 3 – flying Kite

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Here is not so sharp image of a flying kite. It was a bit too high for the zoom of my camera but good thing about this snap is that it shows the bird in ascent. Some other week I’ll try to capture two of these in the same frame .


week 2 – kite

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Second photo of the 1 photo per week series. Taken yesterday , because of angle it was difficult to take capture both eyes.


Me too :)

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I got inspired by some , people on planet debian and decided to pursue the same. I’ll try to publish one photo per week but with relaxed rules – maybe approximately one per week. I’ll also cheat in the sense that I wont commit to take photo every week, but maybe publish one everyweek. Let’s see how far I go.

I’ll start with this sunrise pic , which I recently took :

sunrise_marina_beach_chennaiSomewhat cloudy sunrise at marina beach, chennai